Buying from a Nursery

Nurseries’ can be found in most towns and cities in the United States.  You can find them Internationally such as in Mexico and Canada.  Nurseries may promote a specific type of plant, but in general they usually have roses.

Usually the bigger the nursery, the more choice you will have of plants.  Some nurseries offer to order plants they don’t carry or don’t have enough of what you want.  You might want to ask if they give discounts, such as military or senior citizen discount.  Smaller nurseries usually can give you a more personized attention, but the larger stores will normally have a larger selection for you to choose from.

When going to the nursery, ask them if they if they have info about all their types of roses.  If they don’t have what you are looking for, they may know of other stores they deal with that could help.

Getting in touch with your local feed store is a way to start your search for a nursery.  They will be able to point you in a good direction.  You may want to look for a garden club on the web.

Local nurseries are a good way to see the plants in different stages of growth.  It also allows you to see the plant before you buy.  You may find you want to start your plant at a different stage than you thought.

Having a nursery is more than just having a greenhouse.  There are many phases involved in growing plants.  Employees must learn how to handle and take care of the plants.  Temperature control is very important for the growth of the plants.  Each kind of plant require different types of fertilizers and the quantity needed.  They need to prune the plants to help them grow even bigger and healthier.