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Starting a Worm Farm

Worm farming is becoming more and more popular in the United States.  You might be thinking of starting one yourself.  Here are some thoughts to consider.

When starting any business, you should plan on about 4 years before you show profit.  Doing your research up front will help you buy the proper equipment.  This could help you show profits earlier.

There are many different kinds of worms.  Finding which market you want to target will narrow your research down.  Once you’ve narrowed the search, you’ll want to find companies that sell that breed.  Then you’ll want to do price checking.  It’s not uncommon for businesses to over price their stock.  Then take into account how long it takes worms to multiply.

Other questions you might ask are:  Do you want to start small or go big?  Do you have room for the number of worms you want to start with?  How much money are you willing to lose, if things go bad.

Here’s a few tidbits to think about:

  1. If you walk by your worm box and say, “what’s that smell”? You might be over feeding them.  Keeping your feed loose will also help with air flow.
  2. Covering your food with damp cardboard will help keep flying insects down.
  3. The moisture level effects where the worms will be in the box. Too much moisture in the bottom of the box will cause them to move to the top.
  4. Ants could be one of the problems you encounter. If you have legs under your boxes putting liquid soap over the legs will help.

Worm farming is a great hobby to get started in. Many people use the worms to feed their livestock, to go fishing with, or to make money with by selling.  It can be a very low maintenance side income for anyone with a little room and some time to spare.